Pipeline Operations

The company’s Pipeline operation solutions includes:

Fittings – The hot tapping process begins when an operator connects a high pressure fitting or low pressure fitting to a pipeline. These fittings can range from a welded nipple to a full-encirclement for additional pipeline support.  

Completion plugs – These plugs are inserted to temporarily stop product flow after the operator completes a hot tap and removes the valve. For example, the TDW STOPPLE® Plus fitting utilizes a LOCK-O-RING® Plus completion plug.

Tapping and drilling machines  – Operators use these tools to bore a pilot hole and make a new connection into a live pipeline. TDW offers tapping systems for a vast array of pipeline diameters, pressures, and compositions.

Valves  – Operators perform hot taps by cutting out a coupon (curved section of pipeline wall) and pulling it out through an open valve, which is sandwiched between the fitting and hot tapping machine. These temporary devices contribute significantly to the safety and efficiency of TDW hot taps.

Isolation technology  – TDW isolation solutions temporarily seal off the area of pipeline that requires work, which allows the operator to safely complete pipeline maintenance and modifications. When paired with a bypass, there is minimal impact on product flow. This includes the proprietary STOPPLE® Train isolation system utilizing double block and bleed technology.

Welding services – TDW provides in-service welding to prepare lines for modifications and to repair damage. Operators have the assurance that all job requirements will be met by tested, qualified, and experienced welders, and that welding on the lines will be according to code.

Repair wraps and sleeves – TDW offers steel repair sleeves and RES-Q® composite wraps, which operators can use for all repairs, from temporary to permanent, on most pipeline diameters.